Monday, June 4, 2012


In case you stop by and are bored go HERE to see a wonderfully happy baby shoot that recently went down. Or HERE to swoon over a lovely bride...& HERE for an adorable family and last but not least HERE to oogle at some love birds because it makes people happy to see people in love and loving it!

xo Jord

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Reading & Crafting

I could read and craft all day long if I could, and now since I am officially done with school I am planning on doing both every day! Firstly I decided to read the hunger games even though I was reluctant I wanted to see the movie and couldn't go in blind without any idea of the story so I started book one.....I had finished book three a day later and really actually enjoyed the series. . . so yes I too recommend it and see the movie too because it helps :)

I have been working on a little crafty-craft project this past month. I found this ugly table on the side of the road and decided it had some potential and I had some spray paint so I went to work. I had to putty some giant holes in it, I think it may have had another level like a phone/desk side table thing, so that was a hassle, but it turned out pretty cute in the end if you ask me and I am totally for the re-vamp so it is a nice little addition to my living room!

as for Jon: he is taking his last final tonight and then will be done with his first year of grad school! He is so smart. Proud of him!!!

I am now counting down the days until the pool opens, then I will live there. 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is it summer yet????

School is so close to be finished  I feel like I can taste it, It is mid-term time and Jon is really busy, but that is just one more little glimmer of hope that it is almost summer! Not that you could tell from the blizzard outside. Anyways just wanted to add a littler personal shout out the Murray High Drill team we head out to warm sunny Cali on Wednesday to stay for 5 days in sun & fun!! Cannot wait I am needing a break from the monotony of life and school and work. My girls compete on Friday and after that we have the rest of the time to just play! YAY!  Very excited, I wish I had some more interesting information to share. . Hitting up a broadway this Saturday, can't wait to jam out to 80's jams all after noon at Rock of Ages!..thanks mama...another random thing I am plugging in is Burlington Coat Factory. YES: super sketchy sometime, YES really empty and quiet, YES pretty full of some really ghetto stuff, but I did find a pair of Jcrew pants that I had been looking for that were $60 for $16 on a steal of a deal and really it made my entire day, so I also bought a super Marc Jacobs bag for like 98% off its original price just to feel even better, yano how it goes, so if you're feeling thrifty check it out.  Also been editing a TON lately so if ya feel the need to see pictures rather than read my rambling feel free my freinds.  a local dance co. from here in salt lake, check em out :)


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day Lovers

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you straightforwardly without complexities or pride; so i love you because I know no other way that is; where I does not exist, nor you. so close that your hand on my chest is my hand so close that your eyes close as  I fall asleep.

-Pablo Neruda.

Hope you all have a splendid day.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

I had 5 min

Drill team is almost over! Really sometimes I wonder if this time will ever come but it has! Such a great year.. Ready to head to nationals in Cali and enjoy a much needed vacation!! Yippee. Shortly thereafter spring break so lovingly falls at just the right time. I cannot wait for the semester to be over and I am sure Jon feels the same. School is great and I am so very greatful that Jon and I can BOTH go to school and get our education, this is really important to me and i think it will really benefit us throughout iur lives. I dont regret choosing to go to school for forever, but sometimes I envy those people who have time to work and eat regular meals at regular times and see their spouse and clean their house, do laundry yano important stuff that gets done when you dont committe 70 hrs a week to school. Jon will be halfway or more finished with his masters and I will finally be creepin up on my degree! Hallelujah. If I can survive April it will be a success. Come see my dance stuff. Second weekend in April I perform third weekend I'm running a show, it'll be super


Shout out to the manti templarettes for taking second in state this year! Can't wait for Kiersten's senior year and for them to sweep it.

I am writing this on my iPad which is the coolest toy ever. Love it.

Jon is the coolest husband, probably cooler than most people's. He takes good care of me and our stupid cats, we love him.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas TIme

Little spur of the moment family shoot HERE if you feel the urge to take a peek :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Really liking this today.

Lately: I have been super busy with drill competitions ( 2 down, 3 to go!)  being really really really sick, thank goodness I have an awesome husband who will take me off the floor to the doctor :) We have both been finishing up school (I finished a week before Jon, poor guy, but he is down to his last one come Wednesday).. and getting my Christmas shopping done. Only 2 more gifts to go. YAY! go me. I can't wait for Christmas, I am excited for the time with family, the food and the gift exchanging :) It is finally snowing here, hopefully it hangs around, its not a true Utah winter season without deadly weather. We finally had 2 minuets together and got our Christmas tree up :) and after about a week the cats stopped climbing it and now just sleep under it, this is an improvement from last year (estimated 12, 984, 397, 394, 084, 384 ornaments broken). Since everyone is going out of town we get to take the cats to my parents house for Christmas.. everyone is way excited I can tell. I will get pics up from thanksgiving asap, and am going to venture out today and take pretty pictures of the snow :)


Friday, November 25, 2011

loved thanksgiving. will post some pics soon. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

some of this and some of that...and teeth!

My teeth are done, yes after all of the cutting, grinding, scraping and other painful words...they are DONE!! WAHOO!

The start

The breakup (taking off the old fake teeth)

The  first "temps"( temporary teeth)

The sculpting (they cut my gums up..high)

The patch (gum graft from the roof of my mouth patched in front)

The hole ( where they took the chunk)

The grind (this 5 hr appointment may have well provided the soundtrack to "saw" 7)

The chord (they packed little ropes up under my gums ...and yeah it hurt)

The second "temps" (in all their abstract glory)

THE FINAL!! (I was a tad numb for these but u get the picture)

Old vs New ..TADA!!

More fun updates and more pics of course :)

Mary Poppins @ Capital Theatre with mom, kier and jon. Seriously one of my fav's..soooo AMAZING!


Jon  and I also bummed down to Ephraim to see Kier perform their tube routine at the homecoming game and helped her get ready for her date saturday. She looked so classy. Look at this gorgeous hair :)

I also got to do a bunch of fun shoots this past little bit so check them out if you feel the need...some pretty people to please your eyes :)


and as a ps: I am blonde again :) yay for new stuff.

till next time 
xoxo Jord

Tuesday, August 23, 2011



He is so done with the job he is at now so great news for him! He is excited to be doing something other than giving loans. I am not 100% sure what he is doing but it is financial and is downtown with Deseret Mutual so it's better than the bank he hated. He is awesome... masters program and new proud!! :)